How to get started in badminton


1. Find a venue

Find your local venue at the Badminton England website.

2. Try a taster session

BADMINTON England’s ‘No Strings Badminton’ places you in games with people of your own standard.

3. Get the gear

A T-shirt, shorts and trainers are all you need for a social game. Invest in sports socks and comfortable badminton footwear once you get into the swing of things, but avoid black soles that could mark the court.

4. Grab a racket

With a huge range available, it’s easy to find one that suits you. You can spend under £5 or up to £200.

5. Pick up a shuttlecock

The plastic variety is best for beginners. They come in three speeds: fast, medium and slow. Try medium for starters.

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If you have a heart condition

Check with your GP before starting a new form of exercise.

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