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All the people here experienced heart attack symptoms, but ignored them, delaying medical help and potentially putting their lives at risk.

Bob Hindlet, suffered a heart attack at 49

“I’d been cycling for 19 miles when I started to get pains in my chest and down my arms.

I thought it was my backpack tugging, so I carried on.Bob Hindlet and grandchild

After another two miles, I had to stop. But rather than call an ambulance, I called my wife Bonnie, who has a bike rack on her car, because I was worried about losing my bike.

At the hospital, the doctor said I’d had a heart attack. 
I couldn’t believe it.”

Laura Needham, suffered a heart attack at 32

“It felt like an electric shock in my left shoulder that shot across my chest into my neck and jaw. It took my breath away.Ruth Needham and her two young sons

I had to keep stopping throughout the day because I felt faint and needed to vomit – I thought I’d just trapped a nerve. When I rang 111 for advice late at night, they sent a paramedic. 

The paramedic listened and then said: "You're a nurse yourself - if one of your patients described those symptoms what would you think?" My honest answer was: ‘I'd think they were having a heart attack. But that can't be me!’ ”

Richard Elgar, suffered a heart attack at 36

“I was working on a building site when I started to feel something I would describe as like a letter box-shape bout of indigestion on the top of my chest. For three days I took peppermint and Rennies.Richard Elgar and his son

In the end I thought ‘this is stupid’, ‘what would I tell somebody else to do’? I thought I would tell them to call an ambulance, so I did that. An hour later in hospital they said I’d had a heart attack. It was such a shock.”