Our heart attack experience

Heart disease can strike suddenly and can tear people away from their loved ones without warning. 

Nothing can prepare someone for the sudden devastation caused by losing a close friend or family member to this cruel and often silent killer. 200 people in the UK are killed every week from a heart attack before retirement age.

People often focus on the physical impact of a heart attack however we wanted to flip this on its head. 

We wanted to show that heart disease can affect anyone at any time. 

We took our ‘Heart Attack Experience’ to two busy shopping centres to help people understand what a heart attack can feel like to the people left behind. 

Research is the answer

We need to fund more research to fight back against heart disease and help us to save more lives.

Professor Mike Marber and his team at Kings College London are studying a protein that leaks from the heart after a heart attack called cardiac myosin binding protein C (MyC). 

They are investigating if measuring MyC is a quicker and more effective way of diagnosing a heart attack than the test that is currently used by doctors in emergency departments. The MyC test could potentially lead to quicker diagnosis which would benefit patients and save money for the NHS.
But we need your help to keep funding projects like this.