A day in the life of a shop floor volunteer

Gabrielle Edwards is the Young Volunteer of the Year 2014. Gabrielle volunteers in the Southport

Gabrielle Edwards has volunteered in our Southport shop for more than three years. She is great at creating detailed displays which help the shop maximise selling potential.

What attracted you to the role?

I wanted to gain some retail experience as I was studying retail management at college so it seemed like a perfect fit.

I’ve now been taken on as a paid member of the team one day per week but I continue to work as a volunteer for additional shifts throughout the week. I also have another job so it’s great that my volunteering fits around this.

What happens in a typical volunteering shift?

I do a bit of everything: tagging clothes, working on the till and sorting out the displays on the shop floor. Tagging clothes is my favourite thing to do as I get to see the clothes first! I love fashion so I like the clothing section the best.

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering?

I really like the people I work with and getting to know the regular customers. I also enjoy seeing what customers buy when they come into the shop.

What would you say you have gained from volunteering?

I’ve gained a lot of experience: from learning to use the till to organising and pricing displays.

What’s your most memorable moment as a volunteer?

I was awarded the BHF’s young volunteer of the year award last year – it was a great feeling to be recognised for what I do here.

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