Parliamentary Inquiry into heart failure

focus group

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Heart Disease held an Inquiry into living with heart failure.

To help us feed into the Inquiry we asked some patients what it's like to live with the condition.

Some of the things I learnt were from other patients.

Jennifer, Heart failure patient

What did the Inquiry cover? 

The APPG is made up of a group of MPs and Peers and they held an Inquiry into living with heart failure. 

The Inquiry looked into diagnosis, treatment and care, and palliative care. Evidence was gathered from a wide range of individuals and organisations with an interest in heart failure – including patients, clinicians and commissioners. 

How were patients involved?

We are very grateful to those that came along for being so generous with their time and in sharing their personal experiences.

Melanie Sturtevant, BHF Policy Team

In order to ensure a broad range of experiences from people with heart failure was fed into the Inquiry, we organised focus groups in Manchester and London and received some written responses too.

The focus groups were an excellent opportunity for us to hear first-hand from people with heart failure about the impact of living with the condition, their diagnosis journey as well as their treatment in hospital and the community.  

We spoke to around 20 patients and carers and gathered a lot of insight about the good things around their care, as well as those things that could be improved.

Some of the patients also exchanged contact details with each other to keep in touch and provide support over their shared experiences of living with heart failure.

How were patient views used?

All of the evidence was used to compile the ‘Focus on Heart Failure: 10 recommendations to improve care and transform lives’ report. The  APPG on Heart Disease published and formally launched the report at an event in Parliament - MPs and Peers heard about the recommendations being made and the reasons behind it.

As you will see from the Foreword to the report, Stuart Andrew MP, who chairs the APPG, is particularly grateful to the patients that shared their personal experiences of living with heart failure. A huge thank you to everyone who got involved.

We will now be seeking to work collaboratively with the Government and NHS to implement the recommendations, and help improve the outcomes and experience of people living with heart failure.

Find out how the experience of heart failure patients informed the recommendations published by the APPG.