Helping us provide better information and support


To ensure we’re providing the right information in the best possible way, we bought together a group of people who had a range of different risk factors.

What happened when the group got together?

That was one of the most useful patient engagements I've participated in, and I think the patients gained as much as we did.

Tillie, Copywriter

10 patients, who have a range of risk factors and backgrounds, came together for an interactive workshop to help us review and re-develop a set of resources that focus on helping people who are at risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases.

There were a lot of different discussions which helped BHF staff think about the resources in a new light.

The group provided some valuable feedback about the way we present our publications on our website. They also spoke about the need for information that is more specific, prescriptive and with clear goals. They thought existing advice on lifestyle change was too 'wishy-washy'.

A very worthwhile event and a great opportunity to share information.

Robert, patient rep

In particular, the group focused their discussions on:

  • their experiences of being diagnosed and what (if any resources) helped them
  • barriers they faced to making a lifestyle change
  • what has motivated / helped them to make changes in their life
  • how they’ve maintained lifestyle changes

As well as talking about BHF resources, they also told us about other resources that have helped them make positive lifestyle changes.

What happens next?

The creative team are now hard at work coming up with some new ideas for the resources, based on these discussions. We’ll then go back to the group to hear their thoughts once the team have come up with some initial concepts and designs. 

Keep checking back on this page to find out how the project progresses.