Your experiences of high blood pressure - Scotland

A doctor straps a blood pressure monitor onto a man

The Cross-Party Group on Heart Disease and Stroke in the Scottish Parliament is made up of Members of Scottish Parliament, clinicians, policy staff and people with experience of heart disease or stroke. 

They are holding an Inquiry into the prevention, detection, treatment and management of high blood pressure in Scotland and want to hear your thoughts.

Share your experiences as a patient

How will people with high blood pressure be involved?

The Inquiry will gather information from people living with high blood pressure, those who care for someone with the condition, and clinicians and organisations with an interest in high blood pressure services in Scotland.

To ensure that a broad range of experiences from people with high blood pressure will be fed into the Inquiry, the group has drafted a questionnaire to allow people to share their experiences.

Some respondents to the questionnaire will be invited to take part in a discussion at the Scottish Parliament. This will provide an opportunity for them to feed in their opinions on, and discuss in greater depth, some of the issues raised through responses to the questionnaire.  

How can I take part?

This particular Inquiry is only applicable to those in Scotland.

  • If you live in Scotland and have ever been told that you have high blood pressure (even if you don’t need to take medication to manage this), share your views in this simple 10 minute survey that was specifically created for patient views by Tuesday 7th August 2018.
  • If you are a clinician or work for an organisation with an interest in hypertension services in Scotland, feed in your views through this 10 minute survey by Tuesday 7th August 2018.

Please note, if you encounter any problems accessing the survey, you might need to delete your browser history and cookies.

What will be the result?

A report of the findings will be published in January 2019. This will raise awareness of high blood pressure, highlight the issues relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of this condition and make clear recommendations to the Scottish Government.

If you have any comments or questions about the inquiry please contact Kylie Strachan, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer, BHF Scotland