Solicitors and Executors

If you’re the executor for someone who’s left us a gift in their Will, we realise that probate can be complicated, but our legacy team is here to help. Here is some guidance about estate administration.


If you are administering a Will that includes a gift to the British Heart Foundation, we hope you will find the information you need below.

If not, please contact our specialist Legacy Management Team on [email protected] or telephone us on 020 7554 0075.

Our charity details

Registered Charity Number: 225971

Head Office address: Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London NW1 7AW

Paying in a legacy

Please make cheques payable to ‘British Heart Foundation’ and mark for the attention of the legacy management team and send to the above Head Office address. Contact us directly if you would prefer to pay via another method.

We would be really grateful if you can include:

  • The full name and title of the deceased
  • Their last address – this will also allow us to prevent any future mailings as we know this can be distressing at a difficult time
  • The date of death
  • The Executor’s name and contact details
  • A copy of the Will 
  • Any information about the reason for the legacy

Please be assured that your details as executor will not be added to any mailing lists as a result of contacting us about a legacy.

How do I know if a gift is meant for the British Heart Foundation?

  • Any registered charity number (RCN) given in the Will – these are unique to charities and will identify the intended charity immediately
  • The similarity of the name in the Will, to our name(s) and those of other charities
  • Any address given in the Will which is related to us
  • Any history of lifetime support for a charity by the person who made the Will
  • Any clues in the notes taken by a Will draftsman when the Will was made

Our previous addresses have been:

  • 14 Fitzhardinge Street London WIH 6DH
  • 57 Gloucester Place, London W1
  • 102 Gloucester Place, London W1

If one of these addresses is listed, it is likely we are the correct charity. Addresses may also correspond to a BHF store, branch or regional office and if you are in any doubt please get in touch.

Tax exemption

The British Heart Foundation, along with all registered charities, is exempt from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and some aspects of income tax. These valuable exemptions apply to legacies and estate administration, and can substantially increase the value of our gift, at no cost to any other beneficiary.

These exemptions do have limitations and can be complicated to calculate. Specialist advice may be needed. To avoid the estate paying more tax than necessary please contact us and we'd be very happy to discuss any of these issues with you. You may also find HMRC's website and helpline (0845 302 0900) useful.

How to join the National Free Wills Network

If you are a solicitor that would be interested in joining the Network please visit the National Free Wills Network website where you can find further information.

Or alternately, you can contact them on 0845 020 4309 or [email protected].