“I heard my dad on the phone saying he thought Mum had died in the night...”

Samantha and her parents

Teenager Samantha Hobbs helped saved her mum Mandy’s life when she had a cardiac arrest.

"It was early Monday morning – a normal school day.

But when Dad had woken up he’d found Mum wasn’t breathing and wasn’t responding, so he dialled 999.

I crossed the landing to the bathroom and heard him on the phone saying he thought Mum had died.

I knew what to do because I’d learnt CPR at my swimming club. I was in shock but I wanted to give my mum a fighting chance so I started chest compressions.

As I began to tire my dad took over. I told him what to do and we took turns until the paramedics arrived and used a defibrillator to restart Mum’s heart.

About four weeks later she found out that I’d played a part in saving her life.

She said she was very proud of me.

I helped save my mum’s life – I know she might not be alive today if I hadn’t known what to do in that moment.

A couple of months later I couldn’t stop thinking about what could have happened if I hadn’t known CPR.

It made me determined to make sure everyone at my school learnt how to do it.

Now we’ve got a CPR training programme in place.

If just one more life is saved as a result, it’ll be more than worth it."

We're offering free CPR kits to secondary schools to help more children learn CPR.