“You hope it’s something anyone would do.”

Photographer Michael Scott jumped into action when the father of the bride had a cardiac arrest at a stag do.

"I was best man at my friend’s wedding so I organised the stag party.

I booked a go-karting event.

John, the father of the bride, used to drive professionally so he was quite good.

I kept in front of him for the first couple of laps and then he overtook me.

On the next lap, I saw he seemed to have gone limp at the wheel. He went through a tyre wall and straight in to a tree.

I immediately went over, knowing something serious was going on.

Someone else had started to do chest compressions on John. I said: ‘I know how to do CPR. Do you want me to help?’

I knew it was time to act.

When the paramedics came I was still doing CPR, and they put the defibrillator pads on him to restart his heart.

John made a fast recovery. Three weeks after his cardiac arrest, he walked his daughter down the aisle.

That was amazing to see.

From seeing him literally at death’s door to seeing him walking his daughter down the aisle. Well, you couldn’t really describe it.

You do feel proud that you’ve done it, but also you hope that it’s something anyone would do.

I think it’s vital having these sort of skills.

It could be anyone who collapses – it could be someone on the street, it could be your mum, it could be your dad, it could be anyone.

If you get a chance then learn CPR. It could save a life.

I’m just like an everyday person who helped save a friend."

Train your community in CPR