“I’m only here today because my friends knew what to do.”

Joel, Ben Sam and Rhodri in the park

Joel, centre, had a cardiac arrest while playing football with his friends Ben, Sam and Rhodri, who were all 16 at the time.

"We were playing football in the park but I was hungry and decided to cycle home.

I don’t remember what happened but my friends who were with me since told me they saw me fall off my bike.

At first they thought I was messing about. Then they saw that my lips and face were purple and I was shivering on the ground.

I had an underlying heart condition, which had led to me having a cardiac arrest.

Rhodri grabbed my phone and called 999.

Sam ran for help.

Ben had been trained in CPR at school. So he knew what to do and jumped in straight away.He did CPR until paramedics arrived and used a defibrillator to restart my heart. I feel a lot closer to them now. They saved my life, which is pretty cool.

If anyone has the opportunity to learn CPR they need to do it. It’s a must.

You can give someone a fighting chance of staying alive. If the boys hadn’t known what to do, I wouldn’t be here today."

We're offering free CPR kits to secondary schools to help more children learn CPR.