“It only takes an ordinary person to save a life.”

Nurse Hilary Sanders helped save the life of the man she loved, Norman, when he had a cardiac arrest in the middle of the night.

"I was woken with a start at 1.30 in the morning.

The bedclothes were being pulled off me as Norman was shaking.

I put the light on and his eyes were open. He appeared to be holding his breath and he couldn’t speak.

He tried to get up out of bed. But he fell against the wall and stopped breathing.

I dialled 999, pulled him flat on the floor and started CPR.

I am a cardiac nurse, part of the BHF Alliance and I have been trained in CPR, so I knew what to do.

But you never expect to have to do CPR to save your partner’s life.

It felt like forever, but apparently I did CPR on Norman for 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

Norman made a full recovery. The following Spring we got married in the Devon village where we live.

All our family and friends were there. It was very emotional - knowing that this was a day we might not have had.

Not only have I still got the man I love, but also the children have still got a dad. And he’s very special to us.

Norman means a lot to a lot of people – he’s a son, a brother, a dad, stepdad and a granddad.

It’s so important to us all to still have him with us.

It only takes an ordinary person to do CPR. It’s a very simple skill, and it saves lives."

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