“Don’t stand back. Dive in and react.”

Richard Sellick and Simon Hibbin took immediate action when they saw a runner, Angus Nicoll, collapse. Richard tells the story.

"I was working with Simon on the Isles of Scilly.

We were in the works van and we drove down this long track towards the sea front just to have a look at the job. It was a very remote area – there wasn’t a person in sight.

As we turned the van round, Simon got it stuck. If he hadn't got the van stuck in the mud, we wouldn't have even been there.

At that moment Angus ran past about 20 metres away and we saw him collapse.

He rolled over flat on his face.

We ran over and noticed he wasn't breathing, his eyes had gone dark and he wasn't responding.

We had been taught CPR through work, and we knew we needed to act immediately.

Our colleague dialled 999, and Simon and I took it in turns to do CPR until the air ambulance arrived.

We recently met Angus for the first time since helping to save his life.

It was a fantastic feeling to see Angus on his feet and standing with his loving family, knowing that without our actions this moment would have never happened.

It was very emotional. His daughter Caitlin told us she graduated recently and she was so happy to have her dad there. Their family was complete.

It could have been so different.

My advice to anyone would be: ‘Don’t stand back and wait for someone else to do CPR. Dive in and react.

Those vital minutes or seconds really could be the moments that you are helping to save someone’s life."

Train your workplace in CPR