Alex and his teachers

When Alex collapsed at school, his teachers carried out CPR to save his life.

School matron, Erica Melsom, and her colleagues jumped into lifesaving mode when 15 year-old Alex Cowes suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest during a PE lesson.

"Alex was still breathing when we arrived. But then he stopped and went into cardiac arrest. We'd already called an ambulance, so I started CPR and sent my colleague for the defibrillator".

Although Erica used to be a nurse, most of the staff and pupils at Fulford School have learnt CPR as part of the school curriculum.

"You just do what you've been trained to do. It was very much a team effort. After we shocked Alex, we continued performing CPR and suddenly he took a massive gasp of breath.

Although Alex was very confused when he came to, we reassured him until the ambulance crew arrived.

Alex, was one of almost 11,000 school children across Yorkshire who learned CPR. Little did he realise that he'd reap the ultimate benefit of people taking the time to learn this vital life saving skill.