Heartstart links with the National Curriculum in Northern Ireland

To support your Heartstart scheme, we've provided links to the National Curriculum.

They'll help:

  • you promote Heartstart to schools
  • teachers see how schoolchildren will benefit from the training.

Heartstart training links seamlessly with the Northern Ireland Curriculum focus on learning for life and work.

More particularly learning life saving skills can contribute to learners’ personal development:

  • “leading healthy, safe and fulfilled lives,”
  • “becoming personally, emotionally and socially effective”
  • “becoming confident, independent and responsible citizens,”
  • “making informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.”

Key Stage 1 and 2

Heartstart training can contribute to pupils learning about themselves as individuals by developing:

  • “develop an awareness of the own personal safety.” 

As contributors to society:

  • “become aware of some of their rights and responsibilities.”
  • “contribute to creating a better world for those around them.”

And as contributors to the economy and the environment:

  • “work independently and as a member of a team.”
  • “develop perseverance, initiative and flexibility.”
  • “be willing to take calculated risks when appropriate.”
  • “use critical and creative thinking to solve problems and make decisions.”

Key Stage 3 and 4

Heartstart training can embed learning from Key Stages 1 and 2 and contribute to the following aims and objectives set out in personal development:

  • “reflect on, and respond to, their developing concept of self, including managing emotions and reactions to on-going life experiences.”
  • “recognise, assess and manage risk in a range of real-life contexts.”

Heartstart links to the Northern Ireland Curriculum concept of personal health are also strong:

  • “develop preventative strategies in relation to accidents in the home, school and on the road, for example knowing what to do in the event of cuts, burns, fire and emergency first aid etc.”