Heartstart training videos for communities

Our Heartstart Skills for life DVD uses real life situations, followed by step-by-step tutorials to teach emergency life saving skills in your community.

These videos are available to Heartstart Coordinators and Instructors on YouTube or as a DVD. 

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You might also be interested in the Heartstart Ordinary day DVD which is aimed at children and young people, aged 5-15 years.

Skills for life trailer

Introduction video

Video 1: The train station

This covers putting a casualty into the recovery position and getting help.

Video 2: The library

This covers performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – chest compressions and rescue breathing.

Video 3: The garden centre

This covers recognising and dealing with a casualty who’s having a suspected heart attack.

Video 4: The country park

This covers dealing with an adult casualty who is choking.

Video 5: The garage

This covers dealing with serious bleeding. Please note that elevating the arm or leg that’s bleeding, as is shown on this video, is no longer recommended.

Video 6: Public access defibrillators

This covers an introduction to public access defibrillators.