CPR training resources for workplaces

Thank you for running a CPR training event at your workplace. Now that you have your kit, find out how to use your CPR kit and get everything you need to run life saving CPR training.

1. Guide to getting started

2. Posters and advertising

Download posters to advertise your CPR training event around your workplace.

3. Certificates and take-away resources

For help ordering call the BHF Orderline on 0300 200 2222 or email [email protected].

4. CPR training videos

You should already have a CPR training DVD in your Call Push Rescue kit. Alternatively watch our CPR training videos online.

Watch our emotional videos with people who’ve stepped in to save a life. 

Footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest in 2012 whilst in the middle of a match.


5. CPR recap resources

  • Use our CPR quiz at the end of your session, or email trainees to test their knowledge.
  • Send a link to our How to do CPR webpage to remind people of what they’ve learnt.

6. Useful website materials