Challenge: CPR

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving. We are leading the fight to change this by creating a Nation of Lifesavers. Training your workforce in CPR will help save lives.

Lady with CPR kitWhat's the challenge? 

Challenge: CPR is two-fold:

  1. Training 100,000 employees from companies across the UK in CPR throughout 2016.
  2. Raising £100,000 to ensure that 100 schools can receive the very same training to teach the next generation of children to save a life.

Your company will play a leading role in making this a reality. 

By agreeing to register for the challenge you will not only be demonstrating your corporate social responsibility, but you will be passing on a skill to your employees that one day could save the life of their loved ones, a colleague, or a customer.

And by encouraging your employees to raise funds so that local schools can also train the next generation of children, you will help the UK improve its shocking survival rate of 1 in 10 for out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates.

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Join Challenge: CPR and we’ll help you to organise CPR training across your workforce, including the purchase of CPR kits, facilitation of the training including internal promotional materials and tips to help employees fundraise.

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