CPR training resources for communities

Thank you for running a CPR training event in your community. Now that you have your kit, get everything you need to run life saving CPR training. 

1. Posters and advertising

Download our editable posters and resources to advertise your CPR training event in your community.

2. Certificates and wristbands

Order or download certificates to hand out at the end of your training. If you’re struggling to edit the certificates email [email protected] for support. Unfortunately we’re not able to print certificates for you with your own logo but we’re happy for you to do this.

Download CPR certificate

Order CPR certificates

You can also order some of our CPR wristbands to give away at your training. 

For help ordering call the BHF Orderline on 0300 200 2222 or email [email protected].

3. CPR videos

You should already have a CPR training DVD in your Call Push Rescue kit. Alternatively watch our CPR training videos on YouTube.

Use the videos below to motivate your students and see how CPR training helps save lives.


  • Michael was best man on a stag do when the father of the bride had a cardiac arrest. Here, he talks about performing CPR.

4. CPR quiz

Our quick and easy to use CPR quiz is a useful tool that will allow you to see what you and your fellow trainees have learned in your training session. Share this after your training session to recap what has been learnt.


5. Useful website materials

6. Key phrases

Below are key phrases that you can use to talk about your CPR training. Add these to posters and leaflets to get people thinking:

  • "Learn CPR and save a life. Teach CPR and save thousands"
  • "Every year in the UK over 30,000 cardiac arrests occur out of hospital. That's 30,000 opportunities to help save a life."
  • "You are part of our Nation of Lifesavers. By learning CPR you will be arming yourself with the skills that could help save lives."