Heart Voices help develop a new resource

FH Focus Group

In March, 11 people with high cholesterol came together to help us design a new leaflet. Their experiences gave BHF some unique insights.

Find out how their experiences of living with high cholesterol are helping BHF develop a new resource.

The ideas that came out of the day were inspiring and gave us a greater appreciation of the issues faced by members of the group.

Matt McArdle, BHF Content Team

We’re currently looking to create a new leaflet that will raise awareness of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH), a genetic condition which means you have high cholesterol from birth. To find out whether there is a need for the leaflet and to test out some ideas we ran a small focus group made of patients who were already diagnosed with high cholesterol. 

With 11 people in total there were a mix of ages, geographical diversity and an equal mix of men and women. All of the patients that were recruited had a wide range of total cholesterol levels and minimal knowledge around FH. 

What happened when the focus group got together?

There were some lively conversations and some great ideas generated. The group focused on four key areas:  

    The group gave us a real insight into how we can best reach the target audience. The group will be influential in helping us raise awareness of FH in both patients with high cholesterol and healthcare professionals.

    Matt McArdle, BHF Content Team
  • The importance of family history of high cholesterol and/or heart disease
  • FH - what is it and is it relevant to you? 
  • BHF's current resources for high cholesterol and could we ‘bridge the gap’ between high cholesterol and FH with a new resource? 
  • Ideas on how best to present information about FH to people with high cholesterol.

The group were shown copies of a mock version of the potential new resource as well as existing BHF resources for FH and high cholesterol.

What are the next steps?

We've made some changes to the draft new leaflet in response to the group's feedback and will also be asking healthcare professionals for their views. We will then combine the feedback from both groups.

Keep checking back on this page to find out how the project progresses.