How you've shaped our work

group discussion

By sharing their stories, experiences and opinions, people affected by heart and circulatory diseases have been helping shape our work and ensuring we're doing what we can to meet patient and carer needs. Find out about the value they've brought to the BHF.

We're committed to involving people affected by heart and circulatory diseases in all areas of our work. It's only the beginning, but we've already seen the difference they can make as we've involved:


This partnership allows BHF to think differently about the work they do, gives us the chance to meet other people with similar conditions and inspires everyone involved

Sarah, Heart Voices member

A huge thank you to everyone who's been involved and we hope more and more people will be inspired to do the same.

If you'd like to use your experiences of heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors to help shape our work, join Heart Voices, our growing network of people using their personal stories to make a difference.

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