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The best organisations recognise that a robust wellbeing strategy is one of the best ways to retain talent, increase productivity and engage their workforce. 


Every organisation should have a robust employee wellbeing strategy, and programmes which focus on improving physical and mental health are guaranteed to reach out and engage the workforce on a very personal level. 

Along with engaging and motivating employees, a workplace wellbeing programme can have business benefits - as an unhealthy workforce can be expensive: 

  • Each year, 140 million working days are lost to due to ‘sick days’ in the UK, costing UK businesses an estimated £29 billion
  • Presenteeism (attending work while sick) costs on average £605 per employee per year in reduced productivity
  • Mental ill health in employees is estimated to cost British businesses £26 billion per year
  • High staff turnover can mean huge recruitment and training costs, on top of lost revenue while new employees reach full productivity. 

The Health At Work programme

The Health at Work programme provides your staff with the tools they need to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Our experts will spend time with each employee, ensuring they're aware of the current state of their health and how to improve or maintain it, know their heart age, and understand how diet, exercise and lifestyle factors can affect heart health. Your employees will also be encouraged to set achievable goals, to make a real difference to their personal wellbeing in the long term. 

Based on feedback from previous participants, other benefits include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Less sickness and quicker recovery
  • Less stress
  • Improved morale.

There's a significant economic advantage for organisations with healthy staff. Employers who invest in successful workplace health initiatives can see a return of between £2 and £34 for every pound spent. And typically, programmes like our Health at Work offering, that provide targeted interventions such as health checks, weight management, smoking cessation or stress management, provide a fast return on investment.

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