Wellbeing days

Fun and interactive wellbeing awareness days to engage your team, help them reflect on their wellbeing and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Health and wellbeing zones

We see up to 12 of your team every hour throughout the day to ensure everyone is engaged with your chosen content.

Know your heart ageĀ 

Heart shape with a green tick on the right hand side

We educate your team on heart and circulatory diseases & their risk factors. We test for blood pressure, Body Mass Index & waist circumference. They'll use our Heart Age Calculator to find out heart age.

Think well zone

Outline of a head in grey with a yellow sunshine shape inside

We look at the link between physical health and mental health, using interactive exercises to get your team thinking about what causes stress and how they can create healthy coping mechanisms.

Eat well zone

Green apple

Healthy eating can help to control body weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. We help your team understand food portions, labels and portion sizes so they know how to build a controlled diet.

Be active zone

Blue running shoe

Physical activity is one of the best things we can do to stay healthy. We get your team active, help them understand the benefits and recommend ways to build activity into their routine.

Changing habits

Red stick man climbing some stairs

Adopting healthy habits is key to improving overall health. We look at the unhealthy habits that some of us adopt, take your team through the behaviour change cycle and help them to set clear health goals.

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