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Wellbeing awareness days

Engaging health and wellbeing awareness days, to teach your team the importance of good physical and mental health.

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Health and wellbeing day

We use interactive tools and health check equipment to make this day as fun, engaging and educational as possible, and to help those attending reflect on their current lifestyle and make improvements to their health. You can choose from five different modules, each of which promotes a different healthy behaviour.

Know your heart age zone

Understanding our health numbers is the first step to improving them. Our experts will use health check equipment and interactive tools to educate your team on how heart and circulatory diseases can develop, and what steps can be taken to improve and maintain a healthy heart. In this zone, your team will;

  • Have their blood pressure tested, as well as body mass index and waist circumference 
  • Learn how certain lifestyle factors can lead to the development of heart and circulatory diseases
  • Input their numbers into our Heart Age Calculator to find out their heart age and the steps they can take to help improve it.

Think Well zone

Heart health and mental health are closely connected. People with severe mental health problems are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. So thinking well is the first step to keeping your body healthy. In this zone, our experts will:

  • Highlight the key causes of stress
  • Discuss which coping strategies are unhealthy
  • Recommend new, healthier coping mechanisms that can reduce stress.

Eat Well zone

Healthy eating, as part of a healthy lifestyle, helps control body weight and lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol - all risk factors for heart and circulatory diseases. As part of the Eat Well zone, employees will:

  • Measure and understand their BMI and waist measurement
  • Learn which foods can contribute to better heart health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Understand food groups and learn recommended portion sizes, to aid weight management.

Be Active zone

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy. But it can feel difficult to work exercise into your routine. So rather than recommending gym memberships or hours of pounding the roads, our experts will

  • Recommend simple, effective ways to increase daily activity
  • Explain the health benefits of regular physical activity
  • Give exercise recommendations, and engage the group in a light resistance band workout to illustrate some of the exercises.

Changing Habits zone

Adopting healthy habits is the key to improving overall health and wellbeing, but letting go of your unhealthy habits can be challenging. In the Changing Habits zone, our experts will:

  • Explain the health risks of smoking and alcohol
  • Provide literature to assist with stopping smoking and cutting down alcohol consumption
  • Highlight the cycle of behavioural change and promote the importance of goal setting

Prices for awareness days start from £950+VAT for one of our team to serve up to 72 people per day. A larger team can be provided at additional cost for busier days.

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