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Health at Work Calendar 2017

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Our Health at Work Calendar always proves popular.

Order yours to keep up-to-date with national campaigns and British Heart Foundation events.

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Download our posters here

We've designed three new editable posters so you can promote health and wellbeing in your workplace. 

Use them to promote Health at Work challenges, useful website links and upcoming events:

Guide to Writing a Business Case

This resource offers step by step guidance on compiling and presenting a business case for health and wellbeing in your workplace.

The Guide to Writing a Business Case is a fantastic new resource to help you sell the benefits of supporting staff health and wellbeing to key decision-makers in your company. It includes:

Health at Work Business Case Guide
  • guidance on setting SMART goals for your workplace health programme
  • top tips for writing a business case 
  • advice on measuring the success of your programme
  • information on how to structure your case. 

The benefit to your business

Support for staff health and wellbeing means employees benefit from better health, less illness and improved morale. But employees aren’t the only ones who benefit.

By using our Guide to Writing a Business Case to gain the support of management teams in your organisation, your employer could benefit from:

  • a more motivated workforce
  • reduced absenteeism
  • better staff retention
  • better working environment.

Get more tips for success and read about the economic advantage of workplace health and wellbeing on our business case pages.