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The UK’s culture of not taking a lunch break is damaging the nation’s health according to the County Sports Partnership (CSP) Network. Based on two years of research findings, they’ve published the ‘manifesto for a flexible lunch break’.

The research highlighted a key barrier to an active lifestyle was lack of flexible working practices, with the current culture of working through the lunch break seen as a deterrent for people to get active.

The lunch break is championed as a time for employees to recharge the batteries. However, in recent recession hit years, there has been greater pressure placed on employees to take shorter lunch breaks, or no break at all, leading to some feeling chained to their desks and worse, feeling frowned upon or overlooked for promotion if they choose to get their trainers on or go for a walk at lunchtime.  

To help workplaces change, read the full manifesto and what your organisation can do.

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The CSP Network, in addition to their free logging tool provided through the ‘Workplace Challenge’ programme is also offering free workplace consultations and advice for workplaces across their 45 local frontline CSP teams, with an array of workplace events planned during 2016.

Workplace Challenge’s activity tracking platform is a free online facility available through the Workplace Challenge website which enables individuals and workplaces to log all of their physical activity, and easily compare activity levels to other participating individuals and organisations.