Promoting mental wellbeing

stress balls in workplaces

Mental wellbeing is every bit as important as physical health. In fact, the evidence shows that the two are closely linked.

By providing opportunities for relaxation and physical and social activities, staff will increase their ability to enjoy life and cope with its difficulties.

Raising awareness of stress in your workplace

Stress can have a huge impact on the productivity of your business. Whilst we know that stress can help keep us motivated, in excessive amounts, it can also lead to mental ill health (such as anxiety and depression).

What can you do?

Changing staff behaviour can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of easy activities which will help you support staff to improve their mental wellbeing:

  • Put up a display – awareness of mental wellbeing is key.
  • Consider re-arranging your office to include a break-out area where staff can take a proper lunch break or have a few minutes away from their desks during the day.
  • Offer special stress-buster taster sessions.
  • Circulate the Take time out challenge.
  • Run classes such as yoga, meditation, tai chi and mindfulness.
  • Get a mental health professional to give a presentation on mental wellbeing at work.
  • Promote your own organisation’s personal support services, if you have them.
  • Share our quick relaxation exercises below.

Take Ten

Share these quick relaxation exercises, which can be done anywhere, with your staff:

Take one deep breath in, hold it, and then tell yourself to let go as you breathe out through your mouth. Breath naturally for a while, and then repeat the deep breath and ‘letting go’ with your outward breath.

Tense up and then relax your hand, foot or stomach. When you let go, try to let all the extra tension slip away. Do the same for other parts of your body. If you’re out and about, you can use a stress ball to do this with your hands.

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