Ideas to enhance mental wellbeing

Think WellMental wellbeing in staff should be supported through organisational good practice and can be enhanced through activities for individuals and teams.


Stress-busting sessions can be anything from stretching and relaxation to chair massage or meditation. Such sessions may be especially important at times of potential high stress, for example during times of change in the organisation.

Run organised classes such as yoga, meditation or tai chi, or invite specialist practitioners to teach relaxation techniques that staff can incorporate into their daily routines at home or work.

Our Health and Wellbeing Days  include a Think Well zone to help staff cope with stress in a healthy way.

Physical activity

Workplace physical activity programmes not only benefit physical health, but actively promotes mental wellbeing and stress reduction too.

Explore this section for more information about encouraging physical activity in the workforce.

One member of the team with experience in counselling has set up The Happiness Group in her spare time. The group serves as a support network for colleagues and has also been valuable in providing mental health information for staff.

Karen Williams
Monmouthshire Housing Association


Mental health awareness training can help employees to be more aware of their own mental wellbeing, and how to protect it. It can also help to tackle the stigma about mental illness, and help staff to spot the early signs of mental health problems. 

Skills training for managers

Managers and supervisors need to have the skills to be able to promote the mental wellbeing of their employees and manage mental health and stress problems effectively. More generally, competent managers have a positive impact on stress and mental wellbeing.

Find our more about training here.

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