8 top tips to support your colleagues to stop smoking

quit smoking at work

Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your heart health. It is estimated that smoking costs UK business £8.7billion per year due to sick leave and smoking breaks.

Here are some top tips to help you support and encourage your colleagues to stop smoking:

1. Find out what’s available

Seeking help to stop smoking increases the chances of quitting by up to 4 times. Encourage your colleagues who want to quit to access a local Stop Smoking Service for advice and support. Our main smoking page has more information and contact details.

2. Quit together  

Most local stop smoking services will run a quit club in your workplace for free, you can also use our we quit at work resource for extra support. If a workplace quit club isn’t a suitable option, try to be flexible and allow time for staff to attend stop smoking sessions off-site.

3. Be patient

Quitting smoking is really hard, and it can cause withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anger and anxiety. If you know a colleague attempting to quit smoking, keep this in mind.

4. Find out about other types of support 

Some staff may not want to quit using stop smoking services, so make sure you have information on other types of support that can help people stop smoking, such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Offer our resources to help your colleagues plan their quit attempt.

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5. Celebrate success 

Support your colleagues in their quit attempt and congratulate them on how well they’re doing. Help to keep them motivated by reminding them of the benefits of quitting smoking.

6. Remain supportive 

It can take several attempts before quitting successfully; don’t give up on your colleagues if they don’t manage to quit the first time. Stay positive and show encouragement when they are ready to try again. Use our worksheet to help your colleagues learn from each quit attempt.

7. Be clear 

Ensure your workplace has an up to date smoking policy, if you haven’t already, you may want to consider including e-cigarettes into the policy.

8. Run an event 

Get involved with national campaigns such as Stoptober and No Smoking Day or run your own event when it suits you. Events are a great opportunity to encourage your colleagues to quit smoking and you can use fun resources like our Quit quiz.

Further training

If you want to improve your confidence and knowledge to offer brief advice around quitting smoking, you can access online NCSCT training for free.

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