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Smoking is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and 20,000 cardiovascular disease deaths are attributed to smoking in the UK each year.

Half of people who regularly smoke are killed by their habit and people who smoke long-term die an average of ten years younger than non-smokers. Smoking breaks and sick leave of people who smoke is estimated to cost UK businesses £8.7 billion per year.

Most people who smoke want to give up, but need support to do so. Organising a stop smoking event and signposting employees to a local stop smoking service could help them to take the first step. Many local services will provide in-house stop smoking sessions free of charge, get in touch with them and see what they can offer.


The Stoptober campaign runs throughout October each year and provides people with support and encouragement to help quit smoking.

By getting involved in the campaign staff can access a range of free support including packs, emails, texts and an app - all providing information, advice and daily tips to help them through the month.

No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day takes place on the second Wednesday of March every year and it’s a great opportunity to encourage quit attempts amongst your employees who smoke.

You can mark No Smoking Day however you wish, but creative and quirky activities will get people talking. Think about investing in a smokerlyzer to test carbon monoxide levels in employees’ breath. Buy a jar of tar to show the average amount inhaled by a smoker annually or use our Quit Quiz to test your staff’s knowledge.

Without the workplace scheme I don’t know if I would’ve been able to stop smoking, because I suppose I lacked the motivation and the knowledge on how to do it.

Ryan Watts
Hitek employee

We quit at work challenge

Whilst giving up smoking can be hard, the ultimate challenge is to quit for good. This team challenge enables smokers to support each other to give up smoking.

Our Quit contracts are a great resource to give out before starting this challenge and get people committed or order our 10 minutes to change your life - Time to quit booklets.

Information and awareness

In combination with your events, use our smoking factsheets to help you demonstrate the dangers of dangers of smoking and the benefits of quitting.

If you can’t host your own quit smoking programme or events, provide people who want to quit with contacts for your local NHS smoking cessation services or show your employees you’re supportive of their quit attempt by allowing them 10 minutes out of their day to attend a local session.

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