Alcohol awareness ideas for your workplace

Alcohol infographic

Excessive drinking is the world’s number one risk factor for ill-health and premature death among 25-59 year olds, affecting businesses, families and individuals alike.

Individuals can have a range of reasons for drinking excessively, from social pressure to stress at home or at work, and it’s important to acknowledge this. But increasing your staff’s awareness of the impact that alcohol may have on their health, their mental wellbeing and their weight could help.

There’s loads of ways your workplace can promote alcohol awareness to staff. Interactive sessions with staff, training for managers, posters, flyers and online tools and links can all work.

1  An abstinence month

A month of no alcohol can be a really good way of raising awareness of the benefits of drinking less. It’s also a fantastic way to raise money for our life saving research, by asking friends and colleagues to sponsor the challenge.

Running a ‘drink tracker week’ is an easy way for staff to recognise how much alcohol they may be consuming. Challenge staff to track their drinking over a week using a drink diary. Ask them to assess if it was more or less than the recommended guidelines, and identify when they drink the most and why.

2  Interactive staff sessions

Staff sessions could include demonstrations and information about what a unit of alcohol is and the health effects of drinking too much. Talk about how alcohol impairs judgment, and make sessions fun and interactive with a pair of ‘beer goggles’.

You’ll find lots of ideas and products to give to staff on the Drinkaware website and take a look at our event guide for more resources and ideas on how to organise an event.

Alternatively your local council can put you in touch with substance-misuse health professionals that can run a stall at your workplace, and our Health and Wellbeing Days include a session on alcohol.

3  Mocktail evening

Invite staff to bring in their best recipes for alcohol-free drinks and hold a Shake Off – everyone makes their favourite ‘mocktail’ and someone judges the best.

To get started, why not try a ‘mock-ito’ made with 6 mint leaves, 25ml lemon juice, a drop of agave syrup and topped-up with ginger ale.

Two people with a bottle of wine

4  Alcohol awareness training

Train staff and managers to be able to recognise and assess the signs and symptoms of heavy drinking, how to approach an employee with whom they may have concerns, and how to implement your alcohol policy.

  • For a full list of training providers visit the PHE Alcohol Learning Resources website.
  • Healthy Working Wales offers information, guidance and signposts to support services and training providers.
  • Alcohol Focus Scotland is the national charity working to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm and can support workplaces with alcohol awareness and workplace alcohol policies.
  • Addiction NI can provide training and information sessions about alcohol or addiction, tailor-made to meet the needs of your organisation.

5  One You Drinks Tracker

The One You drinks tracker app is available for anyone who has an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or can be accessed online. It enables people to track their drinking over time, calculate the units in drinks and get daily tips and feedback.

6  Useful resources

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