Team sports – top picks for your staff

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People may feel like they need to have played a sport previously but lots of leagues welcome beginners or have workplace specific schemes you can take advantage of.

It’s a great way of getting active in a social, fun and inexpensive way.

It’s important to be mindful of any misconceptions when promoting sports. People will only get involved if they know what the sport is and they feel able to do it. Think about people’s ability levels – do you need a beginner and intermediate group?

Try and choose activities or leagues which are inclusive of both men and women and, where possible, things should be easy to get to so that travel time is kept at a minimum.

What works well in the workplace?

The variety of team sports available is endless. Here are our top picks of what’s available so you can give your staff choice:

1. Touch rugby

Touch Rugby is a fast, skilful and action packed team sport, played in a fun and social atmosphere. Unlike traditional Rugby there is no tackling involved. It’s suitable for both men and women and there’s a variety of sessions for all skill levels. To find out more visit O2 Touch the Touch Rugby League website.

2. Netball

Netball has made a comeback in the UK and there’s plenty of action to be had. Whether staff want to compete in a workplace league, get Back to Netball or try Walking Netball with a friend. They can find the perfect option on the England Netball website.

3. Football

Most of us have kicked a football around at some point and you can play it with very little equipment. Just Play is the perfect opportunity to get your boots on. The sessions are for all abilities and perfect for those who haven’t played in a while. If you’re feeling competitive, there are lots of workplace leagues around or find your nearest pitch.

4. Softball

All you need for Softball is a ball, a bat and a bit of open space. Softball involves hitting a ‘pitched’ ball with a bat and making it round a set of ‘stumps’. This is perfect for a summer party, team building session or after-work activity. Here’s some advice from the Baseball Softball UK on starting a team or find out about their Hit the Pitch programme which is tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

5. Rowing

Indoor rowing is a great starting point for staff. It’s a low-impact way to get a full-body workout, develop your fitness and stay in shape. Competitions, classes, and fundraising challenges now take place in gyms, workplaces, and sports clubs throughout the UK.

Talk to your local leisure centre or County Sports Partnership about the possibility of borrowing some equipment or find out more on the British Rowing website.

Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge has a full A-Z of team sports on their website. This includes information about potential costs, the benefits and any facilities or equipment workplaces might need.

If you need advice or equipment on how to get your workplace active, try asking your County Sports Partnership (England only) who may be able to help.

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