12 resources to run a successful Pedometer Challenge

Two people walking outside their office

The pedometer challenge is a great way to encourage employees in your workplace to be more active.

Over four weeks teams of staff count their steps and record their totals each day, competing to see who can do the most.

Our Pedometer Challenge resources will help you to run your own event and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff.

1. Co-ordinators guidance

Being a co-ordinator is an important role. It involves overseeing activities before, during and after the challenge. We’ve made sure that we explain each stage of the process and give you the advice and the resources to support you.

2. Timeline

This resource outlines the different activities to run a successful pedometer challenge and a general guide to timings.

3. Rules and safety tips

To make it easy to explain the challenge to those taking part, this editable resource will explain the rules and give guidance on safety while taking part.

4. Pedometers

There are lots of devices to help you to keep track of your activity and the number of steps staff take. Fitness trackers or free smartphone apps will often record your steps or you can count them as you climb. You can also purchase pedometers from the BHF shop.

5. Pedometer Challenge posters

Tell your colleagues about the challenge and edit our pedometer challenge posters to make sure employees know when it’s happening and how they can take part.

6. Desk drop flyers

Tell your colleagues about the challenge and edit our desk drop flyers to make sure employees know when it’s happening and how they can take part.

7. Mission finder

Finding a suitable virtual walking destination will depend on the number of teams you have. This resource will help you find a challenge that’s achievable.

8. Team captain information sheet

To make your life easier, we recommend appointing team captains who will be responsible for encouraging the team to get walking and collect employees' results. This information sheets explains their role and includes a checklist of activities.

9. Team captain email templates

To make sure staff continue to get updates and are excited to participate in the challenge, we’ve created some email templates to keep staff engaged.

10. Individual step count sheet

This resource helps staff taking part keep track of their steps.

11. Team progress chart

This resource helps track the overall steps taken by staff across the organisation.

12. Certificates

Reward staff who took part in the pedometer challenge with a certificate to mark their success.

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