Plan the perfect year to get staff active

Summer sporting equipment for workplaces

Over a week, staff should be clocking up at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. It may sound a lot but every 10 minutes makes a big difference.

And it’s not about getting hot and sweaty; by doing activities that make you breathe harder, feel warmer and get your heart beating faster than normal you can reap the benefits. 

By being active staff will lower their risk of coronary heart disease. It can also help individuals feel more relaxed, have more energy and provide a sense of achievement. Colleagues are more likely to come to work with a positive mindset, ready and motivated to work.

Put in the preparation

Our Health at Work Calendar will help you plan your programme of events. You can also visit our Health at Work blog to get the latest information on health and wellbeing campaigns or sign up to receive our Health at Work newsletter. Once you have some events lined up, use our action plan template document to help you plan ahead.

Choose your activity offer

It’s important to remember that activities will appeal to some but not others. Why not choose two or three from the list below to help promote physical activity in your organisation:

Lady doing the hula hoop at work
  1. Team sports – team sports are versatile, can take place inside and outside and throughout the year. Colleagues will often encourage each other to participate, helping to foster a good team spirit and support others to be more active.
  2. Challenges – try our pedometer challenge or stair climb challenge and staff can get active together.
  3. No Emails – whether it’s a whole day or an hour a week, put a ban on emails to encourage staff to walk (and talk) to each other.
  4. Lunchtime Walks – the Just Walk fundraising pack will provide you with everything you need to raise money for the British Heart Foundation’s life saving research while staff walk their way to success.
  5. Let’s Do This Goal Setter – this free online tool offers personalised messages of motivation for individuals looking to get active.
  6. Active classes – activity sessions like pilates or boxercise are popular in the workplace. Use a survey and taster sessions to find out what kind of classes would most appeal to your staff.
  7. 10 minute workout video – encourage staff by playing this YouTube film in a meeting room or communal area for groups to follow, or encourage them to try it at home.

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