Alternative ways to get active in your workplace

Physical Activity

There are lots of ways workplaces can promote getting more active to their staff. But we wanted to offer some ways you might not have thought about already.

The variety of activities out there is huge so it’s important to understand what’s available locally and give staff choice. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Sitting volleyball

If you’re looking for something a bit different, inclusive and fast, look no further. Sitting volleyball is a great team activity which involves players on each side of the net trying to win points. You need a bit of space and some equipment but the rules are easy to pick up and there’s lots of fun to be had.

2. Gardening

Does your office have a bit of outside space? Gardening can have a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Gardening activities like mowing and raking leaves can provide a good workout for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and activities like digging and planting can improve strength and flexibility. You’ll also be improving the look and feel of your workplace.

3. Table tennis

You may not automatically associate table tennis with getting active, but it’s a great way to get staff moving. Workplace benefits can also include improved staff morale and increased communication between teams. You may want to consider getting a table (indoor or outdoor) or an Instant Ping! set which includes rules and game ideas as well as bats, balls and a simple net to attach to hard surfaces.

4. Tai Chi

If you’re looking for something which is accessible for lots of people, tai chi is a good choice. It’s gentle on the joints and muscles and can help improve people’s strength and flexibility. It can also help to achieve a state of mental relaxation.

5. Team building activities

Why not try a scavenger hunt or a BHF challenge? BHF events offer challenges for a range of activities including trekking, running, cycling and swimming. Set your goal, train with colleagues and raise money for our life saving research by asking family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge has a full list of activities on their website. This includes information about potential costs, the benefits and any facilities or equipment you may need.

If you need advice or equipment on how to get your workplace active, try asking your County Sports Partnership (England only) who may be able to help.

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