Food and drink challenges

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Challenge your workforce with these ideas to help staff eat better and keep healthy.

Food labels challenge

This one-hour group activity explores the nutritional value of typical working lunches. It can be delivered with up to 12 people at once, and could easily fit into a team meeting or lunch break.

The What the Label Tells You Challenge is interactive and fun and will teach employees skills that will be useful in and outside the workplace when making dietary choices for themselves and their families.

Waist watchers challenge

This is a weight management challenge to help workplaces support staff aiming to lose weight. It uses waist measurement to monitor progress and challenges teams or individuals to achieve the greatest percentage waist loss.

Smoothie making

Get colleagues together at lunchtime with a whole load of fruit and see who can make the most delicious smoothie. We’ve got some great smoothie recipes that will get people started with a tasty fix that’s part of their five-a-day.

Hydration challenge

Women should drink about 1.6 litres and men should drink 2 litres (approximately 8 to 10 glasses) of fluid every day to avoid dehydration. The Hydration Challenge encourages employees to increase their daily fluid intake over a period of weeks to stay healthy and avoid fatigue, headache and loss of concentration.

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