How to run a healthy eating workshop

Health at Work workshop with staff

Healthy eating is a popular topic and can have a huge impact on how people feel during the day and the work they achieve. Your work environment can influence staff’s eating habits and some top tips can support staff to make healthier choices.

That’s why we created our Healthy eating workshops guide that will help you run a variety of workshops to help identify how your workplace influences staff’s food choices and to educate staff and provide top tips for small changes they can make themselves.

Influences in your workplace

Find out what really influences your staff’s behaviour when it comes to food choices. This workshop will raise awareness of how the workplace can affect the dietary habits of employees by investigating:

  • The environment within which employees work
  • The availability of food
  • Corporate messages promoting healthy eating
  • What we eat and drink affects not just our health but our work performance tooPatterns of behaviour
  • Level of nutritional awareness.

Bring together a group of staff to identify the issues within their workplace and rank them in order of priority. By getting your staff involved, they’ll be able to inform what initiatives you choose based on what will have the greatest impact on staff.

Healthy Snacking at Work

We always encourage workplaces to keep vending machines stocked with healthier choices or supply a subsidised communal fruit bowl. This workshop will help you introduce healthier snack options into your organisation.

With a group of staff, explore which are the biggest influences for snacking throughout the day and explore some healthier alternatives.

Check out our Healthy eating workshops guide for more workshop ideas including looking at what is in your food and food labels.

Test out our challenges

Image of our Fruit Smoothie Making resource

You could also use a workshop to look at our healthy eating challenges and see what colleagues respond positively to so you can plan them into your programme.

Choose from the following:

  • How healthy is your diet questionnaire – this questionnaire helps staff self-assess their diet and gives tips on how to change. 
  • Around the world in 30 days challenge - over a period of one month, employees will be asked to try foods that originate from different countries.
  • Fruit smoothie making – choose from eight recipes including, the 'Good morning workplace' or 'Go Bananas'.
  • Hydration challenge – it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day and our hydration challenge will help staff achieve their goal.
  • Rainbow challenge - A great challenge focusing on nutrition that doesn't involve any eating! Take the challenge and increase your awareness of healthy eating.

Find out more

To find out more about our healthy eating challenges, visit the Health at Work website where we’ve got lots more ideas on how to get your staff eating well.

You might also be interested in ordering some of our Eating well booklets

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