6 ways to stay hydrated at work

Drinking enough fluids during the day is important for productivity as well as staying healthy.

Water, lower fat milk and sugar free drinks including tea and coffee all count. Aim to have the equivalent of 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day. Limit fruit juice and/or smoothies to a total of 150ml a day as these can be high in sugar.

Share or print our tips for drinking enough while at work or download our Hydration Challenge:

1. Have water available in meeting rooms

Water at meetings

2. Get a good glass or water bottle that you want to use

Water bottles

In the summer, try one that keeps water cool. Drinking through a straw also helps you drink more in a shorter period of time.

3. Take a drink with you when you are travelling to and from work, or between sites

Water bottle in the car

If you're out of the office try filling a 1 litre bottle of water at the start of each working day and commit to drinking it all throughout the day.

4. Refuse a colleague’s offer for a cup of tea

Cups of tea

Instead, get up and make your own – the extra physical activity is good for your health. Grab a glass of water every time you have a cup of tea or coffee as well.

5. Add some flavour

Strawberry flavoured water

Add slices of fresh lemon, orange or cucumber to a glass of water or berries, mint, or citrus fruit to an infuser water bottle to add flavour.

6. Use a free app to track your water intake

Social media app icons

Often, smartphones will already have one installed and some apps remind you to drink more throughout the day.