Building the business case

For a successful workplace health programme, you need the bosses’ backing. We’ve got the tools and economic evidence to help you build a compelling business case about the value of investing in Health at Work.

Return on investment

The benefits of workplace health  are significant and wide-ranging, but senior management will want to know the costs and potential returns.

Investing in workplace health makes good business sense. Evidence we've gathered has shown:

  • The return on investment for some workplace health initiatives can range from £2 to £34 for every £1 spent.  
  • The median cost of sickness absence per UK employee in 2013 was £595, and the indirect and hidden costs of sickness can make up around nine percent of an employer’s annual costs.
  • Reduced sickness absence was evident in 82 percent of workplace health programmes.

The tools you need

Use the resources below, and collect some data about your workplace, to develop a professional and convincing pitch to the boss:

More useful information