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Every year over 30,000 people in the UK suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Without help someone suffering with a cardiac arrest will die within minutes. Immediate and effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can help double the chance of survival in some cases. And your organisation can help. 

CPR training for your workplace

We're working across the UK to train as many people people as possible in life saving skills. By investing in one of our CPR kits, you can help us make the UK a Nation of Lifesavers – a country where learning CPR and other life saving skills is a normal part of life.

Training staff is easy. It takes under 30 minutes with our simple and interactive Call Push Rescue training kit.

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Ghayan saved a life

Ghayan Briggs learnt CPR at work. When his son Jadyn collapsed at home aged six, he knew what to do.


In three simple steps, your staff can learn CPR with our Call Push Rescue training kits. Our CPR training kit trains 10 people at a time and is reusable. It costs £391 plus VAT and no instructor is needed.

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