Video: Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council are creating a social movement to increase participation in physical activity. One area of focus for the campaign is the workplace setting and as the biggest employer in the city, they decided to focus their efforts within the Council first.

“We wanted the campaign to be driven by the people working and living in Coventry. We asked them what would make a different to their activity levels and found out what events and activities they had a passion and enthusiasm for. 

One employee told me they drive to work but due to heavy traffic for the last few miles they often park in the nearest residential street, get a collapsible bike out of their car, and cycle the rest of the way. This started out as a practical way to get to work quicker but turned into something that they really enjoyed doing. The idea for our rush hour challenge evolved from there."


To tie-in with Walk to Work week in May, Coventry City Council set-up a challenge where local people and employees were challenged to beat the rush hour home by travelling actively in different ways.  For some people this was their usual means of transport, and for others this was a one-off which then inspired them to carry on. It was a race to see who would get there first. Find out who won by watching their video below. 

Naomi, Project Manager in Public Health within the council said “The atmosphere was amazing and we’re going to make it even bigger and better next year. We hope to get lots of organisations involved in Coventry and maybe even make it a national event.”

“We got everyone in the council involved by asking them to vote on who they thought would win the race and as we filmed the whole thing we were able to send this around after the event. 

My top tip for an event like this would be to get a group of people who are really enthusiastic about the event and then roll with their energy. Make it about fun rather than just focussing on health.”

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