Innovation gets rewarded at Croydon Council

Croydon award

An employee survey at Croydon Council showed that only 32% of employees felt that the Council cared about their wellbeing. As a result, the Council moved health and wellbeing to the top of their agenda.

Organisational Health Co-ordinator, Theresa Dent-Gater, was appointed to deliver the Holistic Wellbeing Plan. She quickly formed a focus group to disseminate health messages across the organisation and to engage other employees.

Managers undertook training in managing sickness absence and anyone reporting stress, anxiety or depression was referred to the Occupational Health service. Employees were offered health checks for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes as well as being invited to attend health and wellbeing days.

Something for everyone

The Council’s innovative programme included:

I am delighted that the health and wellbeing programme has become embedded in the culture of the council and has been adopted by the Board.

Theresa Dent-Gater
  • workshops on stress management and accredited Mental Health First Aid training
  • employees with a BMI of 30 or over were offered one funded Weight Watchers at Work 13 week course
  • exercise classes such as weekly circuit classes and pilates which had a good take up and regularly attract 16-18 people
  • national events such as Walk to Work Week and cycling campaigns
  • a four-week team pedometer challenge

The initiative soon paid off with nearly two thirds reporting having increased their activity levels.

Hard work pays off

In 2013, Croydon Council received the Wellbeing at Work award by Employer's Network for Equality and Inclusion and later, they were accredited with the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

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