Neck massages and treasure hunts

Vicki Kent

“The main aim of our Healthy Workplace team is to be creative with how we deliver health messages to our employees."

Healthy workers are happy workers

“There are clear benefits to having a healthier, happier workplace and I’m proud of how we’ve achieved the levels of engagement in the scheme.

Some of the great initiatives we’ve organised are:

  • quarterly healthy lunches supplied by colleagues
  • badminton
  • providing fruit instead of biscuits
  • taking part in charitable walks or runs
  • an annual treasure hunt
  • interactive and informative tea breaks.

Recently, we even promoted relaxation techniques by treating colleagues to a neck massage at their desk."

The benefits

“Staff feedback has been largely positive and has promoted team building as many of our employees spend much of their day working independently.”

Top tip for keeping staff engaged

Keeping staff notified of upcoming events is important. Try using a variety of communication channels such as a monthly email newsletter, updates at team meetings or a dedicated noticeboard.

Vicki, TRAC Services

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