Tackling stress

Toby Butcher

“Our healthy workplace programme taught me to resolve stressful situations more effectively and with less impact to my mental-wellbeing.

I used to find health-related news overwhelming and, at times, difficult to understand. Now I’ve noticed an improvement in my mental wellbeing and physical health. I’ve even taken up swimming and golf on the weekends. 

I've noticed an improvement in my mental wellbeing and physical health

Toby Butcher
TRAC Services

Our Healthy workplace programme runs monthly events for staff to get involved in. One of these events was a health assessment where an external advisor came and assessed our health age. We were given tailored advice based on our needs, goals and aspirations. As a result, both my physical health and mental wellbeing have improved.

Being part of the Healthy work team has also assisted me to help others by raising awareness of health-related issues in an informal and fun way. These monthly activities have improved the attitude within the workplace and have contributed to a stronger rapport between colleagues."

Top tip for your workplace

  • Plan monthly activities for your employees to get engaged with.

Toby, TRAC Services

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