TC Harrison Group Limited

Mark, T C Harrison Group Limited

When TC Harrison turned red for Wear it. Beat it., Mark contacted his Area Fundraising Manager for support to improve awareness of heart disease in his workplace and raise money to fund our life saving research.

What motivates you?

“Through my own experience, I’m very aware of the devastation that heart disease can have on friends and family and we’re helping raise awareness of the support the British Heart Foundation (BHF) provides to millions of people living with heart disease.

By getting involved in campaigns like Wear it. Beat it. we can help the BHF to fund research into combatting heart disease.”

Wearing redMark in his workplace with a fundraising bucket

“Our staff were sponsored to wear red for Wear it. Beat it. while walking and running on a treadmill in our Ford showroom.

As you can imagine, this generated a lot of competition amongst staff and created a lot of interest from our customers, who also donated. We kept the treadmill turning, non-stop, from 7am to 7pm!”

“Mark has always been extremely helpful and is open to new ideas to help improve and save the lives of people in Derby. He is a shining example to other businesses on Pride Park, and in Derby City. We are also absolutely delighted to have recently been chosen as TC Harrison Derby’s charity of the year for 2017, and look forward to working together more, to continue raising awareness and raise funds to power life saving research.”

Sophie Parkins, Area Fundraising Manager in the East Midlands

Wellbeing at Work

Sophie also informed Mark about our Health at Work programme.

“At TC Harrison we pride ourselves with being a family-run business and, by promoting health and wellbeing, can make sure our staff feel part of the ‘TC Harrison family’.

Our employees can take part in our occupational health surveillance programme which includes clinics where employees are able to have their blood pressure taken, anonymously. We’re also promoting wellbeing advice through email and on our staff noticeboards.”

Joining our Nation of Lifesavers

Mark with his British Heart Foundation Call Push Rescue kit

“Last year we were proud to receive BHF funding to install a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) at our Pride Park, Derby Ford Dealership. We also received a Call Push Rescue training kit from the BHF, enabling us to hold monthly CPR and Defibrillator awareness workshops for our staff and surrounding businesses.

We’ve also made some great new friends, while helping the BHF with their mission of creating a Nation of Lifesavers.”