Heitor's story

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Heitor volunteered for the pedometer challenge at work because he wanted to find out how fit he was.

The scheme was a great idea – lots of people got involved and there was a real buzz around the company. It became a friendly competition to see who could do the most steps and Heitor hit 26,000!

Heitor found the challenge really motivating, and others at his work have said that knowing so many people are starting to take their health seriously has encouraged them to make permanent changes to their lifestyle. Now, lots of the staff are walking or jogging in the local parks and eating more healthily.

He told us: “For me, it’s been a progressive thing. I wake up early and feel really positive about going for a walk. I feel healthier and fitter than before, and I’ve even joined a gym. I’m determined to keep it up, and I’ll carry on using the pedometer to see how I’m doing. And it’s not just me – people are already asking if we can have more challenges to keep us fitter and healthier in the future.”

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