UK workers are risking their health by putting off medical appointments

Stressed worker

Stressful and demanding jobs can often lead to individuals putting their work before their health. Our latest research has found that millions of UK employees are putting their health at risk by postponing important medical appointments because of their work. 

A startling two thirds of the employees surveyed had gone to work despite being too unwell to do their job and over a third had put off going to the doctors because of their job.

When asked why they were choosing to put their job before their health many said they felt that they had too much work to do to take time off, whilst some felt that employee health and wellbeing was not a high priority for their employer.

Why is health at work important?

Workplace health and wellbeing is not only important for employees but can make a huge difference to employers too. Our research found that organisations with employee health and wellbeing programmes saw an 82% reduction in sickness absence and some also experienced reduced staff turnover.

Our Health at Work programme provides support to make rolling out health and wellbeing in your workplace as simple as possible. The programme currently has over 9000 members, many of whom are taking important steps to support workplace health.

Members taking action

Transport company Arriva is amongst those members working to improve employee health. Spurred on by the success of a pedometer challenge they held last year the company has decided to do it all again. This year’s challenge is for employees to collectively walk over 100million steps.

“We want to help our employees see that, despite working shifts around the clock, and having to sit down a lot at work, being more active is possible and vital to reducing their risk of future health problems.”
Malcolm Cotterell, Head of Employee Engagement and Benefits at Arriva - UK 

Join Health at Work today and help your organisation start reaping the rewards of healthier employees.

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