Lets get active for Love Parks Week

Love Parks Week is the UK’s largest celebration of our green parks and open spaces, what better opportunity to coax your colleagues outdoors and get active?

This year the week runs from 14th-23rd July, read our top tips below to make the most of the event and get your workplace moving 

  1. Be active in a group – most of us are guilty of spending too much time sitting at work.  Make sure your colleagues get active and have fun at the same time by arranging a team game of sport. From Rounders’ and Cricket to Football or Touch Rugby, there’s a sport everyone can enjoy while making the most of the park.
  2. Get Walking for BHF– Help raise funds for our life saving research and kick off Love Parks Week by signing up to Just Walk. With Just Walk you have the freedom to plan a company challenge, a solo trek, a walk with friends or a big walk event. It’s a great way to raise money and improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who takes part.
  3. Organise a team cycle – ride off the back of Tour de France and arrange a group cycle to the nearest park. Not only will colleagues benefit from some exercise during their lunch break, you’ll also be encouraging active travel if they cycle in. Take a look at the benefits of group cycling for more info and top tips.  
  4. Have a healthy picnic – getting outside for a team picnic is a great way to ensure colleagues take a break, and a team lunch can really boost staff morale. Use our factsheet for some tips on how to keep it healthy.  
  5. Be creative – fancy doing something a bit different? Get creative when planning your activity for the park, for example a tug of war can be a fun form of cardio workout and a little healthy competition is a great way to engage colleagues. 
  6. Don’t forget to do your bit – love Parks Week is a way to celebrate and support local parks across the UK. Make sure you do your bit and clear up any rubbish. If you and your colleagues want to continue supporting the local community and reaping the health benefits beyond Love Parks Week, look for a Green Gym to join together.