Is your job causing you to put your health last?

A recent survey by the British Heart Foundation found that over 40% of UK workers felt the demands of their job were having a negative impact on their health. Finding a work life balance seems to be becoming increasingly difficult for many UK workers, with 60% of those we spoke to working unpaid overtime.

As working hours are increasing, many reported finding it increasingly difficult to prioritise their health. Over half those surveyed said they experienced work related stress, often leading to unhealthy behaviours.

Unhealthy behaviours

Many of those we spoke to detailed the unhealthy behaviours they felt were a direct result of demanding work life. Unhealthy behaviours reported were:

  • Weight gain - A third of workers say they think they had put on weight because of their work, with almost half said their job had driven them to eat unhealthy foods
  • Not exercising enough - More than two fifths said their work has caused them to exercise less than they would like
  • Drinking more alcohol - Nearly a quarter said their job has led to them to drink more alcohol
  • Smoking more - Almost one in ten said work has been a trigger for smoking more

Obesity, lack of physical activity and smoking all increase the risk of coronary heart disease – one of the UK's biggest killers. Unsurprisingly, many of the nation's workers we surveyed were concerned about the long-term effects their unhealthy behaviours may be having on their health.  

Time to take action

Taking as little as 10 minutes every day to improve health at work can lead to significant benefits in employee heart health and productivity. Our 10 minute guides offer great tips and advice for making healthy lifestyle changes.

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