Increasing engagement with workplace wellbeing

Employees reading health information It can be a challenge to get everyone on board with your workplace health and wellbeing programme. However, linking to national campaigns and events such as No Smoking Day or Dry January is one of the best ways to engage and motivate your workplace. 

Why link in to national campaigns?

  • They provide you with the perfect opportunity to run an event or organise a health initiative, or can be used as a conversation starter to spread some heart healthy messages.
  • Larger campaigns will often attract media attention so they are likely to be on your colleagues’ radar already, meaning you have a warm audience to work with and key messages are likely to have more of an impact.
  • It takes the pressure off to start from scratch and think of your own ideas, just keep up to date with upcoming campaigns and link in with those.
  • There are often free resources such as posters and leaflets provided by the organisation running the campaign; all you need to do is be organised and download or order them in advance.
  • Senior managers may be more likely to buy in to the initiative and show their support if the campaign is well known and established. 

Upcoming campaigns:

Make sure you put these days in your calendar so you don’t miss them! Think of ways you and your workplace can link in with them and support staff to be healthy throughout the year, we’ve provided some ideas below.

World Car Free Day; 
22nd September 2017: encourage colleagues to walk, bike or run to work or at least part of the journey.

World Heart Day; 29th September 2017: take a look at our top tips on how to celebrate.

Stoptober; 1st – 31st October 2017: support your colleagues to quit for good this October.

World Mental Health Day; 10th October 2017: run a workshop to raise awareness one of the biggest issues currently faced by workplaces. 

World Food Day; 16th October 2017: host a healthy eating event to celebrate, visit Eat well for ideas and challenges. 

European Restart a Heart Day;
16th October: roll out life saving training across your workplace. 

National Stress Awareness Day; 1st November
: have a look at our top tips for tackling workplace stress on a budget.